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How to Move Past Your Fears and Accomplish Your Goals

Trust Yourself, Love Yourself

Learn to trust yourself by keeping your word to yourself. This starts with loving yourself for who you are right now. You are amazing the way you are right now and you are on a journey to keep pushing yourself and growing. Believe that you are capable and worthy of achieving all your health goals so that you feel your best and can give your best to others.

It hurts when we do not keep our word to others and even more, it hurts us. Do you need to heal from disappointment? Forgive yourself and begin to trust yourself by keeping your word to yourself.

How do you keep your word to yourself? I have a few tips to help you:

1) Set a Realistic Goal. A realistic goal is one that recognizes where you are right now and pushes you just beyond your current comfort zone.

2) Schedule your daily health goals into your calendar. Look at your calendar for the week and schedule what you will do each day to move you one step closer to your goal. Keep this time sacred, don't schedule over it unless it's absolutely necessary. If you have to, reschedule immediately with a new time and day. Do this only for true emergencies. When we constantly put other priorities over ourselves, our bucket starts to get empty. When we have an empty bucket, we are unable to help anyone and our productivity and focus decline dramatically. We need to re-fill our bucket by taking some time for ourselves. Just like the flight attendant tells us to put on our mask first, before we help others, we have to do the same with taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of the ones we love.

3) Prepare ahead of time. For instance, if your goal is to workout for 20 minutes, have your clothes ready and your workout picked out the night before (during your evening routine that prepares you for the next day). This way you are not wasting your precious time and it will make it much easier.

4) Like Nike always says, Just Do It. Do it no matter how you feel about it in the moment. I always like to remind myself that my feelings may not always support my goals. That's when I have to push myself to Just Do It, despite how I feel because I have committed to myself.

5) Commit 100%. Believe in yourself and believe with unwavering faith that your one step today will move you closer to your health goal.

6) Get accountability. Do you need a support system to push you on days you do not feel like it? Are you stuck and don't know what to do next? Join our private Facebook group at Living Up Wellness and schedule your free initial consultation with me, to get you unstuck and to reach your health goals.

Share with us so we can support you: What is stopping you from achieving your health goals?

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