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How to Transform Your Health in the New Year

Did you get off track with your health goals this holiday season? Are you ready to throw in the towel and forget that you will ever be able to reach your health goals?

If this is you, I'm glad you're here. Let's take a step back and first celebrate the past year. I strongly suggest you grab a pen and notebook and take a few minutes to answer the following.

Reflect on this year and acknowledge the amazing things you did accomplish in all areas of your life. Think about and write out at least 10 things you are grateful for this year.

Next, acknowledge what didn't happen in the key areas of your life. What stopped you from achieving these goals? Looking back, what would you have done differently in the last year?

We are always juggling different areas of our life. Visualize life as a wheel with each area representing a spoke of the wheel (check out pic above). When one area of our life is greatly out of proportion the wheel is miss-shaped and does not roll well, aka, it's a bumpy ride.

However, when we are balancing all these areas of our lives and constantly making adjustments and re-focusing when necessary, we have a very fulfilled and happy life. Why? Well, all of these areas are important and we feel the pain and discomfort when they are out of balance. It puts us at dis-ease and with our health, it can lead to disease if we neglect ourselves for too long.

Do you feel the dis-ease in one or more areas of your life? What can you do about it?

1) Acknowledge which areas in your life need re-adjustments.

2) Determine what actions you need to take to make these adjustments.

3) Get accountability to make these adjustments. We all need coaches and mentors to keep us accountable and push us to the next level, a better version of ourselves. Progress equals happiness. Why? It's our human nature to want to change and grow to become better than our already amazing self.

4) Take massive action. This doesn't mean you have to change everything all at once but it does mean you have to take immediate meaningful action consistently, day after day, to move you towards your goals.

How do you know what action to take? If you're ready to make change, but not sure where to start, let me help. I'm a dietitian nutritionist and I help my clients every day achieve their health goals through one-on-one consultations that get them real, lasting results so they lose the weight and keep it off, feel amazing and have lasting energy to accomplish all of their dreams (or tackle the never ending to-do list). I keep you accountable and coach you the whole way.

I've got you covered through my one-on-one tailored programs where you learn how to eat for your body to achieve your health goals: whether that's to lose weight and fit into your fav pair of jeans, feel amazing and have lasting energy throughout your day or stay healthy and strong at any age. I keep you accountable and coach you the whole way.

Are you one consultation away from a breakthrough? Click here to sign up for your free initial consultation so you can achieve your health goals.

It's your turn, share with us, what is one positive thing you accomplished in 2019? I want to celebrate you!

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