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10 Make Ahead Healthy and Delicious Breakfasts

My #1 tip for having healthy meals throughout the busy work week is to food and meal prep. It's the only way I provide healthy meals for my family; I wish I could cook every night of the week, but it's just not possible at this phase of my life.

Breakfast is super important for everyone from kids to adults because it is the first opportunity we have to fuel our bodies to have our best day ever. Just like we wouldn't fill our gas tank with goo and expect it to run, what we fuel our bodies with can either give us energy or steal it. How so? Most of our breakfasts are full of simple carbs or sugars (sugar hides almost everywhere); these foods may spike and crash our blood sugar, setting us up for a blood sugar roller coaster (aka more food cravings and energy crashes) all day.

Trust me, I know, I grew up with sweet breakfasts and preferred them. I didn't change my mind until I started having savory breakfasts and noticed my sugar cravings started to dramatically decrease, I had lasting energy and I actually began to prefer savory over sweet breakfasts.

So, I'm sharing with you 10 meal prep breakfasts that can be made ahead and waiting for you each morning. Having a breakfast prepared can save you from the drive-thru or break-room because you are running late. I'm all about Living UP by developing health UP habits because we deserve to feel our best and have our best life.

1. Breakfast Hash This is my #1 go to, it shows up on my meal prep often because it is so versatile, you can mix up the veggies (onion, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, squash, cabbage, spinach, kale) and protein (black beans, lean ground meat, tofu) try different seasonings such as Jill's AP seasoning, a low sodium taco seasoning or Italian seasoning, add salsa, eggs and tortilla and you're done! Bonus, this makes a lot so that you can make it once and have it several times throughout the week.

2. Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole This is my #2 go-to breakfast meal because I can have it in the oven in less than 10 minutes and it makes enough for 7-8 servings (depending on how hungry we are).

3. Spinach and Feta Eggs This is my version of eggs in a basket. For meal prep, I make the spinach and under-cook the egg a bit (egg white and yolk are still a bit runny). That way, when I re-warm it, the egg is cooked perfectly. You can eat this alone or add 1/2 whole wheat English muffin or roasted diced sweet potatoes.

4. Savory Zucchini Fritters I love these because they feel like I'm eating savory pancakes and instead of maple syrup, I add fresh bought salsa or avocado slices.

5. Spinach and mushroom omelet I love making omelet's that are over-stuffed with vegetables because they give us so many nutrients that help us power up for the day.

6. These Mediterranean Egg Muffins are great for kids and adults. It's so easy to warm a couple and grab a piece of fruit or handful of nuts (try these 100 calorie snack size) to make these a complete breakfast.

7. Avocado Toast - Let's upgrade our toast to include avocados, a healthy fat, instead of butter and top with your favorite: tomatoes, smoked salmon, eggs, tuna, pecans, strawberries, feta cheese, pico de gallo. To make this ahead, I like to make or buy fresh guacamole and have a few different toppings for the week.

10. Egg Free Breakfast Casserole. You may be thinking, spaghetti squash for breakfast? I know it's not traditional, but neither is cold pizza for breakfast and it seems to get a pass. So give this savory recipe a try, it's delicious, full of non-starchy veggies and protein that will keep you full all morning long.

Are you struggling with meal prepping and eating healthily the majority of the time? Click here to schedule a free 45 min consultation so we can get you unstuck and reach your health goals.

What are you going to make this week? Share you fav savory breakfasts with us!

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