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How to Choose Joy this Holiday Season

How many of you are feeling the stress of the holidays and year end deadlines at work? I know I am. However, when I find myself getting overwhelmed, anxious and too stressed out, I eventually catch myself, take a few deep breaths from my belly and recite what our local radio station KSBJ calls their Joy pledge. I want to share it with you so it may be able to help you like it helps me.

I Choose Joy

And when I set my eyes on Jesus, I have Joy

When I lose it, I choose it.

I Choose Joy.

When we write and says these words out loud, it does something to us. It causes our brains to want to act in accordance to what we are saying. So it can be a powerful re-direct for us, especially when we've gotten in a negative loop of thinking. This forces us into a positive loop of thinking and helps us see the other side of the story. Because there always are two sides of the story, and as human beings, we get to choose which side to focus on. I hope you choose Joy so that you can spread more Joy to those around you.

Peace, love and joy are what the holidays are really all about and if you're like me, sometimes you just need a reminder. If this has been helpful to you, please share it with others. Also, share with us, how do you choose joy?

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