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Our 7 Day One Pan Meal Program makes meal preparation and cleanup a breeze. Since all the ingredients cook together, you end up with flavorful meals that often taste even better as leftovers.


You'll receive a meal plan, grocery list, meal prep guide, calorie and nutrient analysis and recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners all week long for less than you would spend on takeout or food waste.


This meal plan is right for you if you goal is to consume around 1500 kcal/day, a lower carb, moderate protein and healthy fat diet. The meals included provide your lean protein, vegetables, and complex carbs in one dish and are packed with nutrients to support bone health, the immune system, blood glucose management, and a healthy gut. Bonus: these are kid-friendly meals, so if you are cooking for your whole family, you cook only once. This meal plan is for one, but you can easily double or more the ingredients to fit your needs.

7-Day One Pan Meal Plan

  • Once purchased, you will immediately be able to download your meal plan, grocery list, meal prep guide and recipes which have been saved to a single efile.

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